Legal translation in french and english


Traduction M is a translation agency that works with Quebec-based law firms and private companies and calls on its team of French and English language professionals to translate your legal documents with precision.

Our translators are legal terminology experts and will provide faithful translations of your technical documents. In a field as sensitive as law, where the meaning of each sentence is scrutinized and where a mistake can have serious repercussions, doing business with a Quebec-based legal translation agency is the key to a quality result.


Hop on board and join numerous other Quebec-based firms and private companies who’ve opted to experience what it’s like to work with Traduction M as an off-site legal translation department. Our dedicated translators thrive off your projects and work with you to translate legal documents for your clients. Let’s team up!

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Why work with our translation agency?

Because Traduction M relies on professional and dedicated translators to assist you with your translation projects. Because we’re doing legal translation on the daily. Because the quality of the translations we deliver is never short of exceptional.

Because we’re passionate translators.

Translate your meeting minutes

Translate your expert reports

Translate formal notices

Translate sales and insurance contracts

  • Resume and presentation documents translation
  • Tourism translation
  • Web content translation
  • Technical translation, including engineering